Sansevieria Trifasciata – Medium


There are so many names for this plant but it is famously known at Mother-in-law-tongue (bad idea to buy this to your mother in law as a gift)

Probably the best plant to grow for beginner. This plant comes with so many perks that is sad not being appreciated much. Many do not like it due to superstitious believes but it is the best plant anyone could have for house keeping.

There are many cultivars available in the market now. Some that are so rare that people willing to pay good value for it.

It grows very fast under good lighting condition and yet it can survive in low light condition as well. Hardly anyone can keep a plant that is as versitile as Sansevieria.

Do you know that this plant takes in carbon dioxide during night time? There was a study done on this plant that proves the amount of carbon dioxide intake but no study done on the amount of oxygen discharge.

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If keeping indoor, less water requires. It can also survive on artificial light.

MILT will grow very fast if strong light is present. So in this condition, more water requirement. Might flower in this condition too.


Remove formaldehyde and carbon dioxide full time.