Sansevieria Cylindrica


Another genus from Sansevieria family. This species can grow up to 5ft tall.

If keep at bright space, this plant can excellerate its growth very fast. When condition is right, it will extend a stem follow by white flowers that gives our nice scent.


Caution : The sharp tip of this plant can be harmful for children and carer. Ensure safety before handling this plant.



Keep at bright space for faster growth. Must provide more moisture as photosynthesis will take place. Averagely once a week would be sufficient. We have tested this product at bright space but water only once a month. The plant still survive but the leaves are with wrinkle and shrinked appearence. Once water provided, it will go back to its normal form.


This plant able to take in carbon dioxide at night like any other sansevieria genus.

Super low maintainance. Great for those frequent travellers with less time for plant caring.