Sansevieria Black Gold


This species is with bright yellow lining on the edges and deep green foliage on the center. Very elegant outlook. At mature size, it can grow into a lotus shape opening.

This cultivar is definitely a worth to collect as part of houseplant. Best to keep in bedroom or in office.



This plant if keep indoor would prefer less frequent watering. If place in a space with moderate to high lighting conditions, then you may provide more water and the growth will accelerate faster. To keep that intense color on the body, a brighter condition would be ideal.

If place in the bedroom, averagely twice or three times watering a month would be sufficient.

This genus is able to absorb carbon dioxide at night, some article recommends this plant for office as it can reduce radiation level from surrounding electronics. Best to keep in the bedroom too. Super low maintenance. Great for those frequent travelers with less time for plant caring.