Rubber Plant – Medium


Known as Ficus Elastica.

The big dark green foliage color leave gives elegant look to many interior display. It has a modern look if match it with a nice pot.

There are many cultivars available in the market now.
– Dark green – Robusta
– Almost black leaves – Burgundy
– Green leaves with pink edges – Ruby
– White edges – Tineke (most sort after).

If a leaf or stem is broken, the white sap milky like substance will appear. Do you get it to your mouth or eyes.

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It survive on moderate to low light condition. If placing near to window sill, it will grow upward after with more robust leaves. If only by artificial light, the growing will be slow.

Remember, with more brightness will requires more water frequency. If indoor environment, averagely once a week will be sufficient. If the leaves are druppy looking, check on the soil dryness.


Best plant to remove formaldehyde. Because of its big leaves, rubber plant is one of the best houseplant that emitted water vapors thus improve indoor humidity.