Potted Plant – Norfolk Pine


Norfolk pine trees (Araucaria heterophylla) are commonly used as those cute, little houseplant Christmas trees that you can buy around the holidays, but without a holiday, it’s still a very wonderful houseplant.

Growing a Norfolk pine as a houseplant starts with realizing a few important things about Norfolk pines. While they may share the name and even resemble a pine tree, they are not true pines at all, nor are they as hardy as the standard pine tree that people are accustomed to.


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Norfolk pine care is that, being a tropical plant, they need high humidity. Water this plant deeply when you water it. Watering time around 5-7 days, it has to depend the temperature at your house. Over-watering will cause root rotten. Never let this plant sits on water for a long period.

Norfolk pine trees prefer several hours of direct, bright light, such as the type of light that can be found in a south-facing window, but they will also tolerate full indirect, bright light as well. A stuffy environment will lead the leave turning brown and drooping.

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