Potted Plant – Everfresh Tree


Everfresh Tree (Pithecellobium confertum) is a tropical plant, but this rare plant was imported from Japan. It will bloom yellow colour  flowers when the plant is mutual enough, but we can’t promise when will blooming out, it has to depend does the plant adapt to the temperature and environment of your house.


A fun thing about this plant, the foliage will close at night time, it looks like a Touch-Me-Not plant, of my god, really it’s a beautiful plant! But if the leaves remain closed during the day it can indicate that the plant is dehydrating.

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This plant requires medium light but never direct sun, only gets direct sun in the morning. Near the window will be perfect.

Water the plant when the soil is half dry. If too dry, leaves will drop. It can thrive in a humidity environment.

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