Cactus or Succulents?

Today we want to talk about cactus and succulents.
We have customer very confused about this two groups.

Cactus = Got torns and pointy state. A pain to hold.
Succulents = Fatty cute cute no torns easy to hold.

Dear readers, cactus and succulent survive and growing better with sunlight. I know some of you have been successfully keeping succulent in your office only with artificial lights. Usually in such environment, it will be elongated, or growing like out of shape. That is because the source of light is insufficient and it is trying to reach for more light. We have a customer named her succulent “Tall-Slim-Flat” ( imagine a lady that is slim slander with not much….substance)
Cactus maybe can survive better if you want to keep it in office. Choose the round round macam rambutan that one. It will survive better in office + maintaining its shape. Also, ada aunty cakap keeping cactus in office can halau gossiper and bad luck. If you dont like your boss you also can… know.

If you wanna keep cactus and succulent, best to change its soil to more well drained soil so that moisture can be at optimum level even if you water it twice a week. Actually once also enough la.
Important : Keep near to window for more natural lights ya. Sunlight is free. Don’t be stingy.

Need to provide fertiliser?
Yes and no.
Yes is because no harm giving la.
No is because this kind of genus gets nutrients from sunlight.

Last but not least, name your cute cute succulent. This is all about giving yourself a fun experince for keeping a plant. We have named a short roundish succulent as Ro-si-ma because it looks cute cute round round like a fat hobbit.

OK …we wish you all the fun growing your cute cute succs and cacti. If you want to know more about taking care of Ro-si-ma, you can always reach us.

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