Why my plant not so instagramable?

Hello everyone.
I want to say this upfront, these are not our pictures but I have a point to make here.

See any similarities here? What do they have in common? All these beautiful pictures that you saw in FB and Instagram that are so inspiring have something in common.
…..all that spaces are bright from natural indirect sun!

Today our post is to talk about expectation versus reality. In Malaysia, we are oven hot country. Telur setengah rebus if you keep outside at noon hours. Those pictures are all taken in colder climate, even with direct sun ray you will still feel the comfort. In Malaysia ko cuba……kulit masak ranggup. Our country is closest to sun during mid day. We are used to keeping every windows and door shut, curtains all down to keep the hot sun away.
Takut bising.
Takut nyamuk.
Takut cicak masuk.
So by natural, our interior home is warmer with poor ventilation and dark. Those aspired to keep plants indoor like the pictures here will find it challenging.

Solution :
1. Aircon from 12pm to 4pm. Or have your fan timed for air circulation during that hours.
2. Get a home that is north or south facing.
3. Can have that window open ajar a bit? If security reason is not permitable, then dont.
4. Choose the right plant. Be realistic.

For landed property, you have more flexibility to modify your space. Find a spot that is well ventilated and gets morning sun or shades from tree or roof.

Feel free to talk to us about your idea. We will point you to the right placement and plant buying tips.

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