Plants for Toilet

What plant can survive in toilet?

Before that question, please ask yourself this question.
Why do you want to put plant(s) in your toilet? I mean, what is your objective?

Toilet can be a good place to keep plants due to high humidity area. If you want to green up that space, be sure to know how to care for it and know which plant that can be included there. Know the plant character and its habitat. Don’t choose a plant for its appearance.

We have many customer got this idea from some resort interior setting or from magazines. I do think having plants in toilet is a brilliant idea. Sambil buat “project”, sambil plant caring. Tapi jangan duduk lama sangat ya…..buasil nanti ?. Yes…..many plant can survive in toilet provided you met this requirements :
1. Brightness in toilet. Like the one in the picture.

2. Air movement. I have my toilet door shut most of the time. Airflow will be very still inside and can suffocate some plants. So, be wise to select plants that can survive in such like the one in terrarium.
Example :
– Ivy
– Ferns
– Airplant
– Fittonia
– Pothos

3. You have a big toilet.
If you have a super small toilet, the space will be very humid during day time and is bad for plant. Also, some people mandi ganas. Water splash all over and on plant two times a day might be bad. Indoor plant do not need frequent watering. If your shower compartment is away from plant, ? la.
Do note, wet plant + high temperature + high humidity = Plant rot fast!! 4. Excuse me….please remember plant is not air freshener ya. Lepas project please don’t think plant can release vanilla scent out ya.

So, you wanna green up your toilet? Lets do it.