About Us


It means ``POT`` in Malay native language.

As Malaysian, we are proud to make Bahasa as part of our branding. They say, a brand must be meaningful and carries the company pride and foundation. We could not agree more. The alphabet “ü” with two dots on top is our icon as a smiley face. Of course the alphabet U is YOU!

Our focus is always you.

You and a smiley face. Nice………

​Established in year 2012, we are the first indoor plant retailer to promote living a greener lifestyle. A humble beginning, we started small with our first branch in Publika Shopping Gallery. We understand many of our client have no idea how to care for indoor plant; what more on understanding the benefits of keeping plants indoor. When we come to know about indoor plants that can removed air toxin, we did not get stingy on sharing this information. Until today, we are working hard still to educate our customer on goodness of having green plants indoor. We dedicate this web platform to be more focus on education and awareness.

​We have frequently engaged ourselves to many institutions and corporations for education and awareness about greener lifestyle. Our favourite time was with those taska kids. Their curiosity on living plant is unprecedented. Teach them about growing plants now for they are our future leaders.

​Our road is still far to travel. We hope along the way, we could bump into you. We will be gladly to say hi…..